I can't wait to meet you!

It's official, you have an appointment with me! Here I have compiled a few topics that I get asked about a lot prior to an appointment with me! 

What To Expect

No matter how you booked, you will receive a few reminders in the days leading up to your appointment. There will be a link provided for you to confirm that you are still coming or if need be to cancel. It's super easy and no questions asked! 

Being that I work in a suite, the day of the appointment I will send you a text with directions to find me.

Yes! You read that right, I work in a room by myself with one chair and one bowl. I provide a very individualized and comfortable experience for all my clients!  

I pride myself on my professionalism and honesty, I will guide you based on my knowledge and your goals for your hair! Your happiness is my top priority, I want to give you beautiful healthy hair that you love!

Every appointment will start with a consultation, which is where you and I discuss your hair history, your wants, goals etc...

Before I begin I will confirm with you that we are on the same page and you are happy with the decisions we have made together!

Help Me help you

There are a few things you can do to help me and yourself prepare for your appointment!

I know it's been drilled into your mind over the years to come in with "dirty" hair, but that is just a myth. I ask that you come in with at least semi clean hair, that has been washed with in the last day or two. If you feel the need to wash it the day of I also ask that you come in with it completely dry! 

Being that I work for myself in a smaller than usual salon space, I don't carry a complete color line at all times. I ask that you send me a photo of your current hair, and if possible your goal. This helps to guarantee I have what I need to perform your services to the best of my abilities! 

Please understand that I am a mother myself and I completely understand why you would want to bring them but I must ask that you don't. It is too great of a liability for my small business to carry. I don't have locks on my chemicals, and some appointments can be quite lengthy. I ask this of you so that you are my one and only focus, and you receive all of my attention and have a relaxing, enjoyable moment all about you! 


if you have any other questions please feel free to contact me directly